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EPI 6.19 - Reversing words in a string


Reverse the words in a sentence, eg:

hello world -> world hello


We can define a word as any substring separated by one or more spaces. To do this on constant space, simply reverse the entire sentence, and then reverse each word within.

A recursive solution would be:

reverse_words :: [Char] -> [Char]
reverse_words [] = []
reverse_words xs = initial_spaces ++ (reverse after_spaces) ++ reverse_words remaining
        initial_spaces = takeWhile isSpace xs
        spaces_dropped = dropWhile isSpace xs
        after_spaces = takeWhile (\x -> not (isSpace x)) spaces_dropped
        remaining = drop (length after_spaces) spaces_dropped

This is clearly not O(1) in space usage. The constant space solution would perform an in-place swapping of characters within the input array.